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Who Are We?

It seems in recent months

we have reached a tipping point in our environmental conscious. Suddenly despite what we have known for many,many years, there is a stirring of acknowledgment across the broader population that dramatic change is required and the demand is on us all.

Can I just say....thank goodness!!

Now the questions we are all grapling with are: How deep can we dig?

How much self discipline can we muster? What are we willing to do differently, to give up? What more can we do?

Can we shift from destructive habits, to environmentally safe and maybe even slip into a role of helping the planet heal?!?!

Who ARE we?

I find it exciting, because I believe in human beings. I believe in us all as creative, globally minded, adaptive creatures. I think now that the self preservation flame is lit. Now that we, as a global society understand that the ship is on fire...we CAN DO what is required. I BELIEVE this with every fiber of my being.

As a family we are grappling with the same shifts as most people. We have been at it for a while, so we aren't panicking. We still have work to do but we feel we have control over our waste and are getting more and more confident about how to make less.

As a new enterprise we feel a great responsibility to build from a responsible foundation. "Do it once, do it right". We know who we are and want to be. We are helpers, doers, "urban hippies" lol. We have a deep desire to be stewards of change. We want to lead change not through fear and guilt but by empowering others to explore change and instilling confidence that it does not have to be hard. Change can be beautiful, exciting, efficient and actually quite economical!

As Grow For You Inc. is growing we continue to check ourselves. We acknowledge our failures and hold steady to our commitments. (Paper packaging, environmentally responsible marketing items etc. Sourcing as local as possible etc.) We continue to search and research ways to lower the impact of our business beyond the lowered impact of home growing and aeroponics itself. It takes a lot of figuring out. Old habits need to die, new resources must be found. But we see the light...we know this can be done!

Part of the commitment earth and healing is making sure that we share our knowledge and resources in any way possible. No matter whether someone chooses to use our system or another or build their own. Everything we can do to support that grower is what we should do. Because growing food in your own home is as local, as resource friendly, healthy, safe and affordable as it can possibly get. It is possibly one the best things any of us can do to help the earth. Grow food, share with neighbours and friends, trade produce!

We love aeroponics because it uses 97% less water than traditional gardening. Home growing is STILL great even if you choose to soil garden. Less pesticides are typically used, the bees are happy, the food is fresh and available. Less is wasted etc. Etc.

We love aeroponics because there is no weeding and tilling...but honestly...whatever method of growing calls you. DO it! If getting down in the dirt and digging helps you feel connected, relaxed, at peace....Get in there! (I still soil garden too :) )

If you have a brown thumb...plant potatoes!

Try again and again. You will learn and things will grow.

The question is awaiting our response.

The time has come and our actions will define us.

Who are WE?

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