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Growth and Global Community. From Renfrew County to South Africa.

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

If you follow us here at Grow For You Inc. you know already how passionate we are about sharing knowledge and supporting other people's projects. So it will be no suprise we were super excited last weekend to recieve a note from South Africa.

Chuma Majova from Fort Hare University informed us that she has been using the Grow For You Inc. manual to support her teams aeroponics project which began in July. She had some questions and (our favorite) pictures. We corresponded a few times asking questions, making suggestions and enjoying the early stages of new found connection. They are off to a strong start and will no doubt succeed.

Yesterday we reached out to Chuma wondering if we could get some background and share details about what they are doing. We thought others would be interested in how aeroponics is being used and perhaps we could further foster community among growers. We hope to follow along supporting and learning as they pursue this important work. Maybe you will too!

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