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We couldn't be more pleased or privileged than to have been found by the amazing, Ottawa based not for profit,  DueNorth Canada. DueNorth Canada is committed to providing growing towers to as many Nunavut schools as possible through their Nurturing Possibilities program - and offered us the opportunity to tag in by creating custom kits and lighting arrangements fit for the task.  The Nurturing Possibilities program is based in the understanding that communities have the ability to guide their own process.  Towers can be used to establish education and/or food production strategies that are appropriate for communities needs and resources.   In September 2019 we began discussing what supplies would be required in order for vertical gardens to be shipped to communities across Nunavut and maintained successfully year round.  Early November 2020 the first 6 towers were shipped with the inaugural package destined to Grise Fiord, Canada's most Northern community!   

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