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Fellowes High School

TRUTH - we have been eye balling this local high school for a couple of years.  It is an awesome facility with SO much going on.  Not the least of which is an impressive outdoor garden and greenhouse.  We couldn't help but wonder what was happening in that beautiful space and dream about what COULD be done aeroponically.  Naturally when staff from Fellows connected and invited us to discuss possible projects we were enthusiastic.  The connection has quickly become more than we had hoped.  Staff at Fellowes share our vision.  They see all the potential of these systems from growing food for their cafeteria, to sharing with students, to operating a small business.  They realize the systems themselves can be used to create healthy 'oasis' spaces for students between classes and contribute to the overall health of the school.  

Our strides were delayed by COVID 19 but since schools re-opened in September much has been accomplished.  With support and consultation from Grow For You Inc. students are now experimenting with traditional soil approaches, vertical and horizontal hydroponics, aquaponics, and microgreens  . To staff students and us here at Grow For You Inc.  the most exciting new development is the establishment of gardens dedicated to growing and sharing food with local neighbors and food banks.  Strong community is built through a culture of sharing.  We see this as the way forward for food and overall wellbeing.

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