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Custom Builds

Horizontal Hydroponics Table

Students and staff of all ranges of mobility should have the same options to participate in garden projects.  Where soil gardening poses physical barriers and the height of vertical gardens can be limiting to some people a horizontal system at table height is for everyone.  We also think its very cool looking.  This installation is part of the 10 stations project at Fellowes Greenhouse.


Farm Cells

Farm cells are larger scale build that can be created in whatever size and foot print suits the growers space.  We LOVE working with schools, businesses and individuals to create unique spaces with multipurpose functions. Imagine an outdoor classroom surrounded with greenery and herbs, or a long fence line of blooming veggies!


Enclosed Duo Tower

We are finding more and more schools want to grow food as part of their programming and also to improve access to good nutrition for their students and surrounding communities.  Converting existing spaces into garden spaces is one of the biggest benefits to hydroponics. These Duo Towers allow for 2 two full towers to run off one reservoir.  They are on wheels for easy of use and are fully enclosed to manage humidity. We think they're so beautiful and can't wait to see them full of mature plants!

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