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Managing Air quality with Aeroponics

This is a really fun project happening right now with a local elementary school.

Lack of suitable humidity and high Co2 levels have been of concern and the school has been seeking solutions to improve air quality.

Plants as it happen, LOVE Co2 and naturally filter it from the environment, producing oxygen as their byproduct. In fact - in large industrial farms Co2 is actually pumped into the environment in order to promote faster larger growth.

Aeroponic systems also create humidity which in this case, is much needed.

The relationship between the school and Grow For You Inc. started with a simple garden tower and shared interest in hydroponics. The energetic and innovative minds of both faculty and our in house specialist (Eric) quickly combined and recognized an opportunity to experiment. Can we solve the humidity and Co2 problem by adding some live vertical gardens to the space? It certainly can't hurt to try! That is exactly what is happening now.

Five Grow for You Inc. Vertical towers are currently up and running. Seeds have been planted and will be transferred soon. It's too early to know how effective the project will be - but initial results saw an almost immediate 10-20% improvement in the rooms humidity.

Our prediction - and hope is that we can achieve an ideal humidity of 30-40% and Co2 level under 1000 ppm while enjoying efficient growth and beautiful produce which can then be used within the school and shared with students. We even think the school may be able to establish a fundraising strategy, by partnering with a local business to supply fresh, local greens at a reasonable cost. WE DREAM BIG!! But slow and steady wins the race. We will update this blog periodically for those curious about how things GROW ;)

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