12 Tower Inserts (34 plant spaces each - for a total of 408 plants). On a 360 Litre water tank. Total foot print 4 ft x 15 ft, can be configured to any shape and height. 1/6th horse power eco flo submersible pump. Shut off valve at each individual tower insert allows the system to be used fully or partially depending on your growing needs. Base enclosure optional and also customizable. Unit comes with 20 litres of nutrition A (NPK 5-0-2) and 20 litres of nutrition B (1-4-8). 5 sheets of rock wool (100 units each.) All net pots included. pH up and down. Ph and Ppm meter **Lights are not included as these are designed for greenhouse and outdoor use. However indoor installation is optional. Discuss lighting with GFY Inc staff. Base price - system as pictured. Installation fees may apply if requested Customization fees may apply - contact us for estimate.

Standard Farm Cell (12 Tower)