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Local pick up customers use couple code: Local to save $20


*Must be picking up to apply.


5 x 5 inch width base (a standard Mason jar)

Approx 18 inch height.

6 x 1 inch grow spaces


Includes mason jar, USB submersible pump, rain maker cap, inner tubing and system cap.


*no net pots required


The simplest entry into hydroponic and aeroponic growing is our minimalist growing system "The Mini". This sleek little unit can be used as a water only system which requires absolutely no special tools or solutions to grow selected herbs, house plants and greens. They are stackable to allow the budding grower to expand their garden simply and easily.(Refer to water only garden list in photos for suggestions on what to grow.)Stick with water only gardening or add a beginner kit to explore nutrient use and the additional growing options that become available.



Mini Tower

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