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Vertical Aeroponic Tower Gardens and Supplies

Hand made with great care and delight, our vertical gardens are designed to be easy to use, space efficient and highly customize able.  See our store or contact us to discuss a custom build that suits your needs and growing goals.

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Grow For You Inc. wants to share more than vertical gardens and gardening tips.  We want to offer and enriched experience full of shared learning and mutual support.  Come to the community section to find posts from or about other growers experience.  Ask questions and offer advice.



In the education blog you will find material created for you by the Grow For You Inc. Team, as well as links to other resources to help you along your growing journey.  There is always new ideas and more to learn!


Living Green

Growing food is a wonderful way to live healthfully and reduce your impact on the environment.  As we strive to do more with less, sustain ably, with a sense of responsibility to the earth, we need to share ideas, information and inspiration.  Come here periodically to see what's new.



Oh - the joy of harvesting your fresh, beautiful mounds of fruits and veggies.  Visit Grow For You Inc. for ideas on sharing, and preparing delicious recipes.

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As part of our commitment to empowering growers

Grow For You Inc. has created a beginners guide to aeroponics.  This brief but comprehensive resource will give you everything you need to know  - to grow.  It also offers some foundation information to help build your skills and understanding of the science and potential of this approach to growing.


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