Visit last years backyard system in our home for a mini tour and explanation of vertical aeroponics.

Hydroponics is an approach to agriculture that has become familiar to many people in recent years.  In hydroponics soil is omitted.  Plants are grown with their roots submerged in nutrient rich water and in highly controlled environments.  The advantages and beauty of hydroponic growing are many, most especially in light of the limited land space and environmental challenges we face in modern society.

Aquaponics is one example of hydroponics, sub category or style of hydroponics in which the nutrition supply comes from a carefully balanced living colony of fish.  Hydroponics is highly efficient - but requires a lot of work and floor space.

Aeroponics is another sub category or style of hydroponics in which the roots of the plants are exposed to nutrient rich water, however, rather than being submerged at all times the plant roots are suspended to allow significant exposure to oxygen as well.  The advantage of aeroponics is that since you are not bathing the roots you can create vertical structures to maximize the amount of plants grown in your space.

Technically speaking, aeroponics requires water droplets to be smaller than 80 microns.  Functionally the critical difference is the amount of time the roots of the plants are exposed to oxygen, which promotes nutrient uptake.  

In large scale agricultural production the details and management of controlled environment growing can be extremely complex.  There is an ability to become highly specialized in specific crops and maximize growth for profit.  This is not the focus of Grow For You Inc.  

Grow For You Inc.  has spent years fine tuning a simple, user friendly system that is low maintenance, space efficient and suitable for multiple crops at once.  We have focused on two types of systems.


The first is our single garden tower.  Which takes a small footprint and has an elegant design for indoor, year round, home growing. 


The second is a highly customize-able Urban Farm that can be made to the specific size and shape that works best for indoor or outdoor use but larger crops.

Clean, sustainable,affordable and responsible growing are all within reach when we use these simple systems.  Year round, local food is achievable and it is our mission to make it a possibility for as many homes and business as possible.  It's a labor of love and community.

Grow For You Inc. takes pride in offering personal support as much as possible and encourages our clients to share their learning along the way.

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