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js Q: SSHing into a Ubuntu system running on ESXi I am trying to make sure I understand this. I want to SSH into a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server that is running on ESXi. Is this possible? If not, then how? My understanding is I need to give Ubuntu its own IP address. A: I assume you're talking about ESXi running Ubuntu. You need to assign the VM a static IP address and forward that IP address to the ESXi hosts using Virtual Router on the host. The Ubuntu server will be behind the NAT of the VLAN on the VMs connected to the virtual router. If the static IP address is assigned to the ESXi host, then the Virtual Router must be configured to forward the traffic to the ESXi host. Log into the ESXi Host's web interface and go to the Virtual Router Go to the Virtual Router's advanced settings Change the virtual router from DHCP to Static IP address configuration In the Virtual Router IP Pool, select the pool that corresponds to the ESXi host. On the Virtual Router, edit the static IP address assignment for the VM I can't recall the settings right off the top of my head, but it's probably something like this: Assign a static IP address to the host's MAC address: ip address add /24 dev eth0 Forward the traffic on the guest interface to the host host all port / tcp 22 ssh If you go through that process and I'm incorrect, please correct me. Bootstrap vertical menu centering the div contents I am trying to get the content of the ul elements to be centered in the page (horizontally and vertically). Here is the HTML: Link





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