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Height of base -  22.5 in (1 foot, 10.5 in)

Height of full unit - 80in (6.6 feet)

Width of base 16x16in

Light ring = 16 inch radius installed


The Elegant Base is our basic unit. Sleek and simple to fit into most  spaces subtly. Fully sealed and professionally built.  The tower insert is hand made with care and attention to ensure a smooth leak free line. Finished with white gloss for a clean and reflective surface.


System includes: 400gh submersable pump, feeding pipe and "rain maker". 40 x 2 inch net cups .


Starter kit includes: 3 x 48 inch full spectrum light of 5400 w T5 for Sun Blaster, T5HO. 3 armed light ring, 2 litres of nutrients (1 x A, 1 x B) Ph and ppm digital meter. Ph adjuster up and down in powder form. Growing medium (sheet of 98 rock wool cubes), measuring cup, timers, and coaching card. 


Cost of shipping is included in the price, discount are avalable for local pick up.

Home tower, with starter kit with a trio grow lights

  • As custom built products Grow For YOu towers can not be returned however if you run into any issues with the structure we will work with you to ensure a positive experience.  We are available for consultation and coaching by phone, email and text. 

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