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Height of base -  22.5 in (1 foot, 10.5 in)

Height of full unit - 80in (6.6 feet)

Width of base 16x16in


Fully finished and beautiful. This tower is identical to the picture but does not include the starter kit. If you will be using city tap water for your system and plan to follow our simple steps or if you have already been growing and have your own lights, nutrients etc. but want to try our vertcial system this is a great option for you. Excellent for out door garden and city balcony.


* If you are new to aeroponics you will need nutrients A and B, PH Down. We are able to provide coaching so that measuring pH and ppM are optional (email directions will be provided to all tower customers)  We highly recommend you opt for either purchasing the above mentioned items, or purchasing our Home Tower with Starter Kit.

Item included:

Wood box from SRK woodworking

Water pump 400gh and one timer.

Rain maker

2 inch net cup x 40

Growforyou tower of 34 inserts.

1/2 inch Drained tube 10 feet for facilitate the purges of the reservoir.

20 l pale whit adaptable lid.

One sheet of 98 rockwools' to start your's seedlings.

3 growlight, T5 54 w fluorescent, 4 feet long.

See our Starters Manual as a free resource on the website!


Cost of shipping is included in the price, discount are avalable for local pick up.

Home Tower

  • As custom built products Grow For YOu towers can not be returned however if you run into any issues with the structure we will work with you to ensure a positive experience.  We are available for consultation and coaching by phone, email and text. 

  • If PH is well maintained you should rarely need to do additional maintenance.  On occassion and where required a vinegar bath run through the pump and a wipe of the outer surface is sufficient.  

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