All Home Garden Towers are fully functional units with the capacity to hold 34 plants.  Each unit includes a submersable pump with timer and will have enough rock wool and net pots to allow to new grower to begin immediately.  A basic tower comes with a white structure and natural wood base with polyurethane protective coating.  All bases are on castors for ease of placement and maintenance.

Home tower with rustic base

SKU: 0001
  • Tower Inserts are handmade using PVC pipe.  

    Bases are made of spruce, pine or composite plywood (unless custom material has been requested).

    Internal structure consists of a plumping tube, submersible pump, "rainmaker cap", splash gaurd and water vessel.

    A timer is also provided

  • Towers are handmade to order, therefore returns are not accepted however, should there be any problems with the functioning of the unit such as leaking seams or pump failure Grow For You Inc. will repair or replace the item.

    Aeroponic/Hydroponic towers are designed to allow growers to meet the needs of the plants easily, but do require some learning.  Grow For You Inc. We offer a free growers manual with detailed information and suggest reading through the manual to be certain you are prepared to meet the needs of the plants.  Grow For You Inc. welcomes questions and will offer support and advice - but can not be held responsible for your success as a gardener.

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