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Height of base -  22.5 in (1 foot, 10.5 in)

Height of full unit - 80in (6.6 feet)

Width of base 16x16in

Light ring is 16inch radius installed


A fully loaded starter kit inclusive of 3 lights and light ring. All the equipment and materials required to get growing and manage your tower. AND additional materials to enhance the experience in the classroom setting. Suggested experiments and observations with required equipment. Large magnet to explore the effects of magnetism on seeds and plant growth. Magnet enclosure for safe storage and easy containment of seeds while magnetizing. Microscope to observe and compare microscopic life and plant details.

Educator Package

  • As custom built products Grow For YOu towers can not be returned however if you run into any issues with the structure we will work with you to ensure a positive experience.  We are available for consultation and coaching by phone, email and text. 

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