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Why Vertical Home Aeroponics Is Vital

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

My husband and I started our business because in our own journey growing food with aeroponics we found it so simple, productive and delicious we began to question why more people didn't grow food this way.  We came to realize that there are a lot of misconceptions that deter people.  A BIG one, is the notion that aeroponics is highly technical and difficult.  Of course, like anything, It CAN be. If you are trying to mass produce for profit and want your food to grow BIG, FAST.  If you are trying to optimize the exactly perfect growing conditions for a specific crop. It can be very detailed. The fact is, the average home gardener doesn't need that.  Most of us need the basics. A home garden, with a few different types of greens and herbs, that grow healthfully and steadily on an ongoing basis. That type of garden is as simple as meeting the basic needs of the plant, and finding a way to make the system fit into our space.

Hydroponics is an excellent process for growing plants.  It allows the grower to manage all aspects of the plants needs in controlled environment and optimize the health and production of the crop. Aeroponics is a sub category of hydroponics which, by the variance in mode of delivery, allows a garden to be built vertically rather than horizontally, and can be created as a closed loop system. Recirculating a small volume of nutrient rich water over the roots of the plants creating a highly efficient small space garden. With good design a vertical aeroponic garden uses 95-98% less water than traditional agriculture and very little space or energy resources.  It is actually very simple and time efficient to manage as well. In doors or out there is no weeding, little to no pests to contend with, no digging to manage and no worry about environmental changes.

Another misconception we have found weighs heavy, is that hydroponics and aeroponics are only for marijuana.   Though hydro is an effective method for growing marijuana, that is only's a plant!!  ;) PLANTS love hydroponic environments because they have free access to everything they need without having to work so hard!  The fact is, you can grow a lot of different varieties of leafy greens, herbs, edible and ornamental flowers all in the same system very simply.

The decentralization of food production is critical to solving long term environmental and food sustainability concerns.  We - as earths community - are becoming increasingly more aware of the need to grow more and waste less food.  We need to do so using cleaner practices and less resources.  Our food needs to travel less and deliver more nutrients, and we need to adapt to harsh environmental changes and conditions.  EEEsssh!  It's a lot. Aeroponics is incredibly important to accomplishing these prioirties becuase it allows for it all! It doesn't get more fresh, clean, controlled or sustainable than growing in your own home year round!

We set ourselves a mission, we started Grow For You Inc. to bring aeroponics into the common language and the average household.  Because it MATTERS!  Small home aeroponc gardens are space efficient and beautiful.  They bring full spectrum light and living plants into the home which improves health and mood!  They bring living food directly from stem to plate in a clean, controlled mechanism of delivery.  Home gardens allow people to improve access to healthy food on a regular basis and can be used all year round no matter the climate.  The savings both financially and environmentally are incredible.  The benefits are tremendous. This is not something we should hold tightly to our chest and profit from.  This is something we should shout from the hill tops and encourage!  

At Grow For You Inc. we focus on creating a vertical system that allows others to benefit from their own home garden. We set out to make it extremely simple with as little need for maintenance as possible. We designed a long slender unit that allows the most food to be grown in the smallest space (just over 1 square foot). We put our units on wheels to make them mobile, and found a skilled cabinet maker to build the bases so that they can be sleek and classic or customized to suit home decor. We also began to collect the knowledge that we found most helpful so that it could be efficiently shared. We created a starters kit to accompany our towers and a free manual which we post on our website so that people can access the knowledge with our without our product.  We deeply hope to get people excited about growing for themselves and feeling ready to explore this amazing approach to food home growing.

We know that spreading the word about home aeroponics is a big undertaking. We have set ourselves a hefty goal. We also know that it is a worthwhile effort. We have already enjoyed watching numerous families reap the benefits of their home gardens and we know as time goes on we will be proud to see the benefits to the environment and the health of our communities as more and more people pick up on these wonderful food production concepts.

We hope you will help us to spread the word - and look forward to hearing about your projects as you begin to Grow For YOU!


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