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The Way Things Grow

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

One of the cool things about starting a business is the opportunity to work with the skilled and talented people in our friend, family and community circles. We all have people in our lives who are excellent at what they do, but we don't really get to appreciate their skills because we don't see them in action. When starting a business we have both the privilege and challenge of seeking out who we can and will work with. There are a lot of factors not just to consider, but discover. Just because we know and trust someone does not mean they will be the best person for the job. Work style, personality, and perspectives matter. Shared vision, timing, ability to commit, and the ability to communicate with one another are also huge. As a new business there is an element of uncertainty, a need for creativity and flexibility. We need to surround ourselves with people who will come at their piece of the project with enthusiasm. With the same passion for quality, customer experience and integrity. People who will speak their mind, inject new ideas and roll with the changes that come as part of the process. It's a lot. We have been fortunate in our experience. So far, most everyone we have called upon in their area of specialty has contributed in meaningful ways.

Since we are creating systems for home use, the base of the unit is an important piece. It needs to be sleek and attractive, something you want in your space. Given that we are dealing with water it also needs to be tolerant of humidity and maintain its integrity. We knew early on in this venture we would want to find a reliable and skilled ally to build these units, and we could not be happier with who has emerged from our trusted circle to fill the role!

Allow me to introduce Stephen Kitchen, owner of SRK Woodworks!

I have known Stephen since he was very young. His sisters and I met in high school and from the day we met I spent countless hours with his oldest sister who became a dear friend. I was in and out of the family home until well past my university days. The Kitchen family were a special part of my life and I have always admired the way they approach life, work, and all they do.

Life moves us - as it tends to do. I left my home town and fell out of touch with many friends other than through social media. It was through social media that we were put back in touch with Stephen to discuss our project.

Stephen began his professional career in boat restoration which we think is a particularly great asset to his understanding of our needs. He has now turned his focus to custom furniture and fittings for the home. Stephens'professionalism, artistry and attention to detail are stunning. We trust and appreciate him so much and are very pleased that he sees the vision and value in building beautiful cabinets to house the Grow For You Garden systems. He has created a gorgeous, simple base that will be our ''basic'' model, and as time goes on we will add additional options. We encourage you to visit the SRK Woodworks site to see the beautiful gallery of works and keep an eye on our photo gallery as we will soon be posting images of bases available for order.

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