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Summer Splendor, Autumn Adventures!

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

I think it would be fair to assume a great many readers have been enjoying the delights of summer gardens. It is a simple joy to walk into your own yard, feeling the sweet cool grass under your feet while you pluck delicious morsels for your meal. Of course in this day it is also highly pragmatic!

Here at Grow For You Inc. we have been enjoying the fruits of our outdoor "urban farm' as well as continued produce from our own indoor towers. It's a true bounty. We have enjoyed working with new customers over the past few months helping them to start and flourish with their own systems. We have new growers enjoying not only greens, but veggies and flowers! This summer has brought new growing partners into the fold and many new opportunities. It's a pretty exciting time! As the summer evenings begin to cool slightly we are turning our attention to the approaching autumn with great enthusiasm for a number of reasons.

As always we are anxious to see new growers emerge. As the outdoor garden season begins to slow down it is a perfect time to begin seeding and setting up indoor systems. We are ready and waiting for autumn sales and workshops, looking forward to showing people just how simple and effective home aeroponics is. This is of great importance to us. We know it can seem daunting, it seems so new and technical. We see it as our responsibility to dispel that misconception and make aeroponics approachable.

This autumn we have a particularly amazing opportunity to attend and present at the Toronto Home Show in October where the theme is Tiny Living! We can hardly contain our excitement! Home aeroponics is definitely space efficient - but it goes far beyond space and economics. It is about making a smaller footprint on the environment and bringing our relationship with food into a new perspective. We are passionate about the importance of home food growing as a way forward in environmental sustainability and food security. We are very proud to have the opportunity to bring this conversation into the main stream by presenting and teaching in Toronto.

Autumn is also (of course) the start of a new school year. As part of our mission to bring this approach into the mainstream we are focusing heavily on schools and nursing homes. We love seeing happiness and curiosity bloom as students or residents come to understand what these systems can produce and begin dreaming of what they can do with them. Watching things grow is a universal joy.

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