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Our Mission - On a post it

Clean, Sustainable Food For All

The Grow For You lab/workshop/studio is in our home.  The back door doubles as our vision planning board. On the board you will find dozens of sticky notes with one and two word reminders.  Every time one of us gets an idea we jot it down and ''stick it''. From time to time we review together, organizing and prioritizing, using these little papers to build toward our big goal.  The top sticky Feed The World.

We have been advised not to show our ''hippy side'' too much in the world of business.  We understand that we can't just give everything away for free and expect to feed the world. We also know that we both work best when we are motivated by something external - something “beyond our own belly bottom” as my husband would say.  So that sticky note serves an important purpose. It keeps us pushing. Keeps us coming back everyday to improve what we have built, fine tune the details and ensure that every person who makes a purchase will feel good about what they have brought into their home.  We know that if we want to feed the world, we need to build a successful business.  One with integrity and humility.  Customers should not feel that they have bought a product, they should feel they have joined in something really exciting (because it is) and important - because it IS!  Be it because you and your loved ones will benefit from the fresh living food growing in your home, or because you care for the environment OR because you want to help make these systems available to other struggling communities,  it all matters!</span>

We know we have a lot of work to do, helping people who are curious to gain confidence and start growing, and helping people who are uncertain feel confident that they can DO  this! In truth we can not feed the world - the only thing we can do is help empower people to  grow their own food and feed themselves. But feed the world is a romantic notion - and besides - it fits on the post it ;)

Hydroponics is not a new concept.  It is a time tested, reliable and sustainable way of growing.  The first aeroponic gardens that we know of were the walls of Babylon!  As we all take measure of how we can lessen our carbon footprint and improve the quality of food we consume it makes sense to look back and adopt agricultural methods that rely less on hard labor and heavy resources.  In fact, even just in our busy time pressured lives this makes sense! We need to produce more with less, continuously, using clean practices,in controlled environments, close to home. Soil-less gardening allows all of this and more.   At first glance it seems complicated and too good to be true, but it is a simple process of meeting the essential needs of plants in a thoughtful way.  Nothing magical or complicated about it.

No weeding, pesticides or complex equipment. Simple, beautiful home grow fruits and veggies

As we move forward into the open sales phase of our journey we are hopeful and excited to bring the vocabulary of hydroponics and aeroponics into common language and understanding.  We feel it is a tremendous privilege and responsibility to share and build knowledge together. First our community - and then the world!!




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