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Introduction to Aeroponics and Home Growing

Introductory workshops generally take a minimum of 1 hour. In that hour you will learn the basic premise of hydroponics and aeroponics, understand the needs of plants and how we meet the needs of plants in an aeroponic system. We will explain how vertical gardens work and outline some of the many benefits and possibilities of this approach to gardening.

We allow plenty of time for specific questions and are more than happy to create hands on opportunities.

Workshops are appropriate for all ages and demographics. We are delighted to attend schools, libraries, community centers and other locations.

With younger children especially - but popular with all, we have success with longer workshops in which there is time to plant seeds, touch, and taste fresh greens, see, smell, hear and enjoy a functioning tower (which we bring to every workshop).

On location workshops begin at $150.

If you would like to arrange an event please email us @

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