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Home and Garden Show

This weekend was a major milestone for us as we attended our first big home and garden show in Ottawa. We were utterly floored by the support of friends and neighbours who helped make it happen by catching the kids off the bus, caring for them, driving them to school and sports, bringing them to us, helping get our gear ready, creating beautiful merchandise, staffing the booth, housing us, feeding us, and keeping us sane!! On top of all that the response to our concept and towers was also incredible. We talked non stop for 4 days, with so many wonderful people. We laughed exchanged stories, and shared photos of home gardens. We talked about the value of growing food, about the environmental impact, the joys, the health benefits and cost savings. We shared dreams about projects and new ideas. It was a thrilling experience. It felt like a true coming together of community.

We are wildly excited, heart warmed and grateful to know that so many people view this as valueable work. We can not wait to start connecting with the hundreds of people who showed sincere interest and requested consults on their own home towers.

Good things are truly blooming for us all.

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