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How Dreams Grow

It is difficult to explain the excitement we have been feeling the past few years.  Once you become familiar with aeroponics and understand the way the systems work it is nearly impossible to stop dreaming - imagining all the applications, benefits, populations, and beautiful projects.

To be honest - it can be difficult to stay focused.  We have a tendency to want to try everything.  Especially knowing that so many things are achievable with just a little effort and creative problem solving.

As Grow For You Inc.  has been working away we have begun to find a lot of allies and fellow dreamers.  It is such a joy to watch peoples eyes light up as they begin to make their own realizations and developing their own dreams.  From tiny homes to community kitchens, local schools to Northern Communities.  We have chatted with bee keepers and health officials, community libraries and housing corporations. It is quite honestly amazing.

At Grow For You Inc.  we see ourselves as having a responsibility to plant the seeds, and foster the dreams.  We are deeply rooted in a sense of community, the promise to support and collaborate.  We believe EVERYTHING is possible when we work with integrity, curiosity and a sense of purpose.

If you have a dream and you would like to collaborate.  Or if you have a project you would like to celebrate please contact us!  We want to know how your dreams are growing.

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