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Grow For You Inc. is a Renfrew County based business dedicated to educating and empowering people to grow food for themselves. Our approach emphasizes inclusive community, knowledge sharing and creative problem solving.  We believe local food growing is a way forward for healthy environment, healthy individuals and healthy communities.

We create and build custom aeroponic gardening systems to be simple yet high yield. Our designs makes it easy, efficient and affordable to grow high quality, fresh produce, year round. 

Systems can be customized in size to meet the needs of individuals in their home, small business, school or corporate environments. In doing so the environmental impact of food growth, distribution and even packaging are dramatically reduced, while access to healthful foods is improved for everyone. We feel this is of great importance and we have a responsibility to reach as far as we can to create community and share knowledge encouraging a shift in peoples relationship to the food they eat.

We are excited to be able to share this art and innovation and look forward to the opportunity to set you on track to GROW for YOU.

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